What’s the number one problem facing you as a website owner?
Time… Expertise… Knowledge… Money… Staff?

It’s actually a trick question, it’s probably not just one thing. For most businesses, it’s usually a combination of several factors, but the end results are always the same; Failure to get consistent, high quality (we call them pre-qualified leads) traffic to your web site. Inability to get and stay ahead of the industry curve.  Finally, frustration trying to achieve the success that you possibly could have obtained if you’d had control of those five critical factors.

The web has already come a long way, but this year, everything we know is going to change and morph into the next generation of the web.

Not every business is going to be able to keep up. To keep ahead of the accelerating change curve coming in the next few years, you’re going to need a lot of help to get where you need to go – and I can’t help everyone, there’s not enough time.

We’ve Created A Solution To These Problems. 

The problems I’ve described have always been there, but what if, you already had me factored into your yearly marketing budget? What if someone was consistently coming to you with great new ideas and insights? What if, you had someone to bounce ideas off of, and really strategize with – someone who “gets it” as much as you do? And what if you could reduce the cost of building web sites and web programming by as much as 50%. Imagine where you could go from there. Imagine then, what you and I could create?

So we decided that instead of trying to juggle 45 or 50 different web sites, it makes more sense to concentrate our work on a handful of clients – the ones who really get it. The forward thinking elite who understand just how critical a marketing tool the web is – and who want to fully engage and integrate it into their business structure.


I have three marketing degrees. One from a fancy university and the two others that I’m even more proud of – Certified Guerilla Marketing Coach and Duct Tape Marketing Specialist. Through my affiliated company, BostonBuisnessBuilder.com, I teach “street smart marketing” to businesses. Those latter two degrees have taught me the essential street level marketing skills that really work and actually make people buy. That’s why my AdWords campaigns often get double and quadruple average national results. That’s why the copy I write, gets a far better response than virtually any in-house marketing department.

I’ve also got some of the best programming technicians and graphic designers available, people that I’ve worked with for over 15 years. People that you have, and can continue to trust. This new program will allow me to take charge and do what needs to get done, on a regular, consistent basis. To build great web structure, to hold monthly meetings, integrating the newest software, Google products, reservations platforms, social media SEO, blogging, responsive web sites, landing pages, perhaps a website rebuild, search engine optimization (SEO), e-newsletters, design, troubleshooting – the list is extensive of things that need to get done. In fact I often call the list of things to do, “Must Have, Need to Have, Should Have, Like to Have”… With this program you’ll receive design and programming charges at a greatly reduced fee. This will allow you to build all the new web tools you’re going to need now, and in the near future, to compete against the really big guys. In simple terms, it will be like opening an in-house web division inside your company.

We’re Personally Connected to Your Site & Your Business

Along the way you’ve done your part by running a great company, and we’ve done our share by giving you a great site, with quality functionality and fast service. You’ll quickly discover that when you speak to us, you’ll get honest answers and unbiased opinions. We know your industry, your geographic location and we’ve taken the time to learn your specialized marketplace and especially how you run your businesses.

Results You Can Expect

Much lower programming costs. This will allow you to build, deploy, maintain and update your site(s) at a fraction of the cost charged by other firms.
Responsive web site design. In today’s world the site needs to fit the device and we want to update and maintain one site, not three or five different platforms. Responsive web site design using HTML5 and CSS standards solves that problem.
• We will continue to program and design the way we always have – maintaining strict schedules, keeping prices and programmer time in check.
•Improved organic search rankings in the search engines measurable by monthly ranking reports provided to you.
Vastly improved Paid Ad CTR (click-thru-rate) for words/phrases measurable by monthly ranking reports provided to you.
Pay-Per-Click monitoring and management
An increase in site “stickiness” measurable by site statistics and monthly ROI meetings provided to you.
Site Copywriting to achieve both sales and organic SEO rankings. We’ll be looking at your existing site copy and with your cooperation make changes to ensure it is both search engine compatible and viewer friendly. This can include the addition of keywords and phrases to your existing body text or the drafting of entirely new body text for various pages to ensure ranking relevancy and content satisfying to both search engines and viewers.
Local Search Enhancement. People buy and shop locally, then regionally, then nationally. Your site needs to be listed properly (and then checked frequently) in these local, regional and national search directories. Proper local search also boosts your national search results.
Full SEO Research, Consultation & Programming. We’ll undertake extensive keyword research using SEO tools to determine what people are typing in to search engines to find products and services similar to yours. We also look at your competitors site to find the search terms and techniques they are using in their site code. Then we’ll analyze the resulting keywords and phrases for performance and determine how many other sites are competing for high rankings with the same terms. In consultation with you, we’ll revise and streamline the list to come up with the priority search terms the site is to be optimized for.