You may presume to know why your customers buy from you, but there’s a good chance they buy for reasons other than those you think.

People seek a wide array of benefits when they’re in a buying mindset. If you are channeling any one (or four) of these benefits to the client at the moment they are in a deciding mood, you’ve virtually won the sale or appointment.

Remember, people do not buy because marketing is clever, but because marketing strikes a responsive chord in the mind of the prospect. It’s resonance makes that person want the advantages of what you are selling or proposing.

Your customers do not buy because they’re being marketed to or sold to, instead they buy because you help them realize the merits of “owning or possessing” what you offer.

So What Do People Really Buy?

• They buy Promises you make. So make them with care.

• They buy the Promises they want personally fulfilled.

• They buy Solutions to their problems.

• They buy your Credibility (or don’t buy if you lack it).

• They buy You, Your Long Time Employees, Your Service Department (if you have one).

• They buy Wealth, Safety, Success, Security, Love and Acceptance.

• They buy your Guarantee, Reputation and Good name.

• They buy Other Peoples Opinions of your business.

• They buy Expectations based upon your marketing.

• They buy Believable Claims, not simply honest claims.

• They buy Hope for their Own and their Company’s future.

• They buy Consistency.

• They buy the Stature of the Media in which you market yourself.

• They buy the Professionalism of your Marketing Materials.

• They buy Value, which is not the same as price.