First we learn about your business
It all starts with a simple low stress phone call. We’ll talk to you about your business, your goals (like if you’re targeting local shoppers or want to go global) and determine the best plan for your budget.
Then our SEO team gets to work
After performing a site audit and researching your target market, our SEO team will regularly make SEO updates to boost your website in search results.
Finally, Adjust, Tweak and Maintain
Everyone agrees, lasting SEO takes time. No one jumps from page 6 to the top spot on Google overnight. But clients who’ve made the investment have seen their search rank for important terms rise and rise.

title_searchengines2 Search Engine MaXimization Program

There is no quicker maneuver to get people to visit your Web site than to fix your sites search engine problems. Our clients usually see an almost immediate increase in their web traffic after enlisting our Search Engine MaXimization Service.

Here is Just a Few Web Sites We’ve Built Who Have Top Placement (defined as First Page at Google, Bing, Yahoo or all):
Divers Market
Red Jacket Resorts
Crowne Pointe Inn
Cape Cod Weathervane Company
Copper Gutter Shop
First Aid Coach
Camp Bournedale

We Use Only White Hat approved techniques that will almost certainly help your ranking improve.
Here’s what we do:
First we analyze your Web site. We look to see if the person who designed it did a quality job of building your search engine components. If they did, great. We’ll tell you so and offer other alternative ways to build site traffic. If they failed to provide your site with the critical search components then we fix them. We use White Hat approved techniques that will almost certainly help your ranking improve. After we fix any mechanical errors, which could be hurting your ranking, we work on re-writing the running text of your site. The running text on a page is very important. We will re-write the areas we think need the most work and when ready, we submit your site to Search Engines.

*PLEASE BEWARE: There are many companies (called SEO’s) who claim to do this work well and charge enormously outrageous monthly $$$. But ask them to show you real placements for “important terms” on Google and Yahoo and they melt away? WE CAN!

We offer no-obligation, complimentary web design consultations designed to analyze your existing site (or potential web project) and your web marketing strategies. Real help, not a disguised sales pitch or anything like it. Click Here To Contact Us About Search Engine Services. Call us at 508.833.9931

Questions? Click Here To Contact Us About Search Engine Services

* Client Responsibilities:
We must have access to your site on the web server where it resides. You will need your ftp address, username and password.


Are there any guarantees for SEO results?

Since every website is different and the competition varies online and on search engines, we cannot guarantee any SEO results. However, our methodology has proven to be an effective way to help your site increase in rankings. 80% of our customers are able rank on the first page of Google for their target keywords within 6 months if the customer 1) purchases the recommended plan and 2) allows us to make on-site optimizations.